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Nitrile Gloves

Laboratory Nitrile Gloves

We are proud to introduce our new high quality nitrile gloves! Suitable for all laboratory and production uses, the bright blue gloves are powder free, with finger texture providing a firm grip when handling sensitive equipment and samples. Various sizes are available, from S, M, L to even larger ones. Contact us for best price […]

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Atago Refractometer

Atago Handheld Brix/Salinity Refractometer

MODEL 2351 MASTER-53α           : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 53%, ATC & IP65 MODEL 2352 MASTER-53T            : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 53%,ATC MODEL 2353 MASTER-53M          : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 53% MODEL 2381 MASTER-20 α          : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 20%,ATC & IP65 MODEL 2382 MASTER-20T            : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 20%,ATC MODEL 2383 MASTER 20-M         […]

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laboratory weighing balance

AND Precision Lab Weighing Balance

MODEL GF-300                  : Precision Balance,resolution 0.001 g, Capacity 310 g MODEL GF-3000               : Precision Balance,resolution 0.01 g, Capacity 3,100 g MODEL GF-6100               : Precision Balance,resolution 0.01 g, Capacity 6,100 g     MODEL FX-300i                 : Compact Balance,resolution 0.001 g, Capacity 320 g MODEL FX-500i                 : Compact Balance,resolution 0.001 g, Capacity 520 g MODEL FX- 2000i              […]

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