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Atago Refractometer

Atago Handheld Brix/Salinity Refractometer

MODEL 2351 MASTER-53α           : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 53%, ATC & IP65 MODEL 2352 MASTER-53T            : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 53%,ATC MODEL 2353 MASTER-53M          : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 53% MODEL 2381 MASTER-20 α          : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 20%,ATC & IP65 MODEL 2382 MASTER-20T            : Handheld Refractometer,Brix 0 to 20%,ATC MODEL 2383 MASTER 20-M         […]

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laboratory weighing balance

AND Precision Lab Weighing Balance

MODEL GF-300                  : Precision Balance,resolution 0.001 g, Capacity 310 g MODEL GF-3000               : Precision Balance,resolution 0.01 g, Capacity 3,100 g MODEL GF-6100               : Precision Balance,resolution 0.01 g, Capacity 6,100 g     MODEL FX-300i                 : Compact Balance,resolution 0.001 g, Capacity 320 g MODEL FX-500i                 : Compact Balance,resolution 0.001 g, Capacity 520 g MODEL FX- 2000i              […]

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Lambda Powder Doser

Lambda Doser: Automatic Powder Dispenser

Lambda  Doser Programmable Powder Dispenser replaces manual scooping/dispensing using a spatula, reduces error and speeds up the process. Can be paired to be used with a weighing balance for accurate dispensing of powder samples. Glass Vessel Capacity: 0.2, 1 or 3 litres. Dosing Speed: 50mg/min to 50g/min Time Resolution: 0-99.9 min in 0.1 min steps Power […]

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Protech BB-6TS

Protech Boiling Bath

6-PLACE BOILING BATH MODEL BB-6TS   6-place,insulated,double wall rectangular stainless steel water baths. Removable cover has six sets of concentric rings of 105mm x 76mm x 57mm x 41mm diameters.with integral level device and 2 kW heater.   Temperature control      : By thermostat Operating range               : Ambient to 100°C Overall dimensions         : 370(W) x 330(D) […]

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